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    How does it work?


    A vector file is an image made up of paths. These paths have a start and end point. All these paths then form your logo or image. A JPG or PNG file consists of pixels. JPG or PNG pixel files or raster files cannot be enlarged or reduced.

    This causes the quality of the image to deteriorate (see image above). A vector file can be enlarged and reduced endlessly without loss of quality. You need a vector file for all types of printing, such as printing your logo on clothing, business gifts and other marketing materials.

    You need a vector file for all types of printing. Think, for example, of printing clothing and promotional gifts with your own image / logo. This also applies to car stickers, for example.

    You also need a vector file for the layout of printed matter such as business cards, stationery, flyers and posters. Professional printing companies often ask for an EPS vector file or a PDF vector file.

    You send us the logo in JPG, PNG or PDF format and we convert your logo, image or drawing by means of Adobe Illustrator into a . EPS vector file. We use the pen tool and recreate your logo, image or drawing by hand with the correct fonts. Then we export the vector files in EPS format so that you can get started!

    We will deliver most logos, images or drawings within 10 hours. Complex files with many details may take a little longer, but this will be communicated in time by email.

    We can convert all types of images to vector. Do you have doubts? Then you can always email us to make an inquiry.

    We will send the vector files via email within 10 hours. Complex logos or graphics may take a little longer.

    We will send you an EPS, PDF, AI, SVG vector file. Do you need a different file type? Please let us know and we will deliver them accordingly.