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    Convert JPG to vector

    How can I turn a JPEG into a vector file?

    You can turn a JPEG into a vector file in numerous ways, the easiest way is to do it with Adobe Illustrator. You can vectorize JPG to EPS file with Adobe Illustrator.

    An EPS file is almost always a vector file. A vector file consists of paths and lines and is infinitely scalable. You will need an EPS vector file for your printing. 

    Convert JPG to vector file

    Vector files you need for printing. An EPS is usually a vector EPS file, but not always. We teach you how to vectorize your JPG or PNG in Illustrator or Photoshop.

    Convert JPG to EPS

    Do you have knowledge of Illustrator or Photoshop? Then you can convert JPG to vector for free Free. Do you have no knowledge of Adobe programs? Then you can use our vector service. We convert JPG to EPS for a one-time payment

    Convert JPG to vector Photoshop

    Converting a JPG to vector can be done with Adobe Photoshop, but we do not recommend this. Converting a JPG to EPS vector can best be done through Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Photoshop is not built to vectorize images, but to edit images. 


      • No EPS vector file
      • Quality is disappointing
      • Pay Adobe Photoshop subscription (monthly fee)
      • Learn to use Adobe Photoshop
      • Not intended for vectorization

        Convert JPG to vector illustrator

        Adobe Photoshop is a pixel-based program. If you have knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, you can convert JPG to EPS for free. 

        Below is a step-by-step plan on how to convert your JPG to EPS vector file

        1. Open JPG illustrator.

        2. Go to Window>Image Trace

        convert jpg to eps illustrator

        3. In the Image Trace box, manually adjust the Preset and Mode according to your need

        4. Go to Object>Image Trace>Expand

        convert jpg to eps photoshop

        5. Go to File > Save As, choose illustrator EPS as output, then click Save to export JPG as EPS in illustrator.

        This method above is an automated process based on the Image Trace feature. As a result, the quality can be disappointing. For a perfectly identical vector file you will have to manually trace the logo itself with the Pen tool. 


        • Fast conversion
        • Determine your own vector format extension (EPS, AI, PDF)
        • Able to make your own adjustments
        • EPS vector file


        • Pay Adobe Illustrator subscription (monthly fee)
        • Learn to use Adobe Illustrator
        • Takes a lot of time due to manual conversion

        Convert JPG to Vector GIMP

        GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a free, open-source tool primarily known for raster graphics editing. However, its capabilities extend to basic vector work, making it a versatile choice for beginners and those on a budget.

        Step-by-Step Conversion in GIMP

        1. Open Your JPG: Launch GIMP and open your JPG file.
        2. Path Tool for Tracing: Select the Path tool and meticulously trace your image. This step requires patience and attention to detail for the best results.
        3. Convert Path to Selection: Transform the path into a selection, outlining your vector shape.
        4. Color and Export: Fill the selection with your chosen color and export the image as an SVG file, ensuring it retains its vector properties.


        Convert JPG to Vector Inkscape


        Inkscape, a robust open-source vector graphics editor, excels in converting JPGs to vector format. Its user-friendly interface and powerful tracing tools make it a favorite among designers.

        1. Importing JPG: Open Inkscape, import your JPG file.
        2. Utilize Trace Bitmap: Go to 'Path' and select 'Trace Bitmap' for automated tracing.
        3. Fine-Tune Settings: Adjust settings in the Trace Bitmap menu for optimal tracing results.
        4. Save as SVG: Remove the original JPG layer and save your vectorized artwork as an SVG file

        Inkscape Optimization Strategies

        • Use the 'Preview' function in Trace Bitmap for real-time adjustments.
        • Modify the 'Threshold' setting for sharper edges and clearer details.

        Convert JPG to Vector Affinity Designer

        Affinity Designer is celebrated for its intuitive design and robust vector capabilities, offering a seamless experience for converting JPGs to vectors.

        1. Load JPG: Start by loading your image into Affinity Designer.
        2. Pen Tool Tracing: Employ the Pen tool for precise manual tracing of your image.
        3. Coloring and Styling: After tracing, apply colors and styles as desired.
        4. Export as SVG: Save your artwork in SVG format, ensuring compatibility across various platforms.

        Enhancing Workflow in Affinity Designer

        • Manage layers effectively for complex images.
        • Explore various stroke and fill options for dynamic and vibrant vector images.


        Convert JPG to Vector in CorelDraw


        CorelDraw is a widely-used professional tool known for its comprehensive vector editing features, ideal for high-quality vector conversions.

        1. Importing the JPG: Start by importing your JPG into CorelDraw.
        2. Leverage PowerTRACE: Utilize CorelDraw’s PowerTRACE function for an automated vector conversion.
        3. Refinement and Adjustment: Refine your vector image by tweaking nodes and curves for precision.
        4. Exporting Your Vector: Export your final artwork in SVG or other vector formats for diverse applications.

        CorelDraw Professional Techniques

        • Customize PowerTRACE settings based on the image type for better accuracy.
        • Employ node editing tools for intricate adjustments and refinements.

        JPG to vectorial free

          JPG to vector conversion is a valuable process for graphic designers and digital artists seeking to transform raster images into vector formats without incurring costs. This technique enables the enhancement of images into scalable, editable vector graphics, ideal for high-resolution printing and digital media. Leveraging free online tools and software, users can convert JPG files to vectorial formats like SVG, ensuring their designs maintain quality and detail at any size. These tools are particularly useful for logo creation, illustrations, and scalable artwork, providing a cost-effective solution for high-quality graphic design needs.

          Some tools are: vectormagic.com and https://www.vectorizer.io/.
          However, if you use these online tools to convert your jpg to vector, it will not be a high quality vector file. If you want an identical file, you need to manually convert it with Adobe Illustrator. Or we can help you.

           Watch the video below to learn how our vector service works.  

          Convert JPG to Vector

          vectorize JPG

          We are happy to help you on your way with vectorizing your logo or image.You send us the logo in JPG, PNG or PDF and we convert the logo into an EPS vector file using Adobe Illustrator. We use the pen tool and recreate the logo manually with the correct fonts. Then we export the new vector logo in an EPS file so you can get started! 

          Advantages of vector file creation by Logovector:

          • Perfect quality (Made by designers with 10+ years of experience)
          • We vectorize images, photos, logos and drawings
          • Fast delivery within 10 hours
          • All necessary file types: EPS, AI, SVG, PDF
          • Very easy to order via the website
          • Small adjustments are possible 
          • One-time payment (very attractive price)
          Order my vector file