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    Digitize family coat of arms

    Having a family coat of arms is a great honor. It is an ancient heritage that needs to be protected. Digitizing a family coat of arms is not easy. Most family coats of arms were designed in a time without computers. It is only logical that you do not have a digital file of this. 

    convert family coat of arms to vector file

    It is possible to digitize your family crest. For example, do you have an old drawing in PNG or JPG file? Then you can have it digitized. It is even possible to take a photo of your family crest and have it digitized. You can convert it to a vector file.

    Why digitize coat of arms?

    There are several reasons why you want to digitize a family coat of arms. Many people choose to digitize it for better preservation. After all, it is an ancient heritage and family pride. 

    In addition, people also want to print their family crest on clothing or other products. To print your family crest, you need a vector file. By digitizing your family crest you get a vector file.

    How do I digitize my family crest?

    Digitizing a family crest is possible via Adobe Illustrator. This is a design program that allows you to vectorize images, photos, logos and coats of arms. For example, you can have a drawn family crest converted to a vector file. 

    Digitizing a coat of arms is the same as vectorizing your coat of arms. In the end you will be left with a vector file that you can use for printing. A vector file is a file that you can enlarge and reduce indefinitely without losing quality. You need a vector file for all types of printing. A JPG or PNG file is a pixel file. Pixel files are not suitable for printing.

    Op this page we explain how to create a vector file. If you do not know Adobe Illustrator, you can also have your family crest digitized by us. Watch the video below to learn how our service works. 

    Vectorize family crest by us


    We are happy to help you on your way with the vectorization of your coat of arms. You send us the family crest in JPG, PNG or PDF and we convert the logo into an EPS vector file using Adobe Illustrator. Below is an example of a vectorized family coat of arms by us.


    vectorize family crest

    Advantages of vector file creation by Logovector:

    • Perfect quality (Made by designers with 10+ years of experience)
    • We vectorize images, photos, logos and drawings
    • Fast delivery within 10 hours
    • All necessary file types: EPS, AI, SVG, PDF
    • Very easy to order via the website
    • Small adjustments are possible 
    • One-time payment (very attractive price)
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