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    What is a PES file?

    If you're involved in embroidery or digital embroidery design, you may have come across the term "PES file." But what exactly is a PES file? In short, it's a file format used in computerized embroidery machines to tell the machine how to stitch a design.

    What is the PES format?

    The PES format is a file format used in embroidery design software and computerized embroidery machines. It stands for "Primitive Embroidery Stitch," and it was created by Brother, a popular manufacturer of sewing and embroidery machines. PES files contain information about the embroidery design, such as stitch types, colors, and placement.

    PES file

    What program will open a PES file?

    To open a PES file, you'll need embroidery design software that supports the PES format. There are several options available, including Embrilliance, Hatch Embroidery, and Wilcom EmbroideryStudio. Some free embroidery software like Ink/Stitch can also open and edit PES files.

    How do I open a PES file on my PC?

    To open a PES file on your PC, you'll first need to have embroidery design software installed that supports the PES format. Once you have the software installed, you can open the PES file by selecting "File" and then "Open" in the software. Navigate to the location where your PES file is saved and select it. The file should then open in the embroidery design software.

    How do I convert a file to PES?

    If you have a design saved in a different file format and you want to convert it to PES, you can use embroidery design software to do so. Many embroidery design software programs allow you to import a design in one format and then export it in another format, such as PES. Simply open the design in the software and select "Export" or "Save As" to save it as a PES file. Be sure to check that all design elements have been properly converted before saving.

    If you're not computer savvy, we can convert your image to a PES file for you. Please visit this page for more details.