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    Convert JPG to AI file

    Can you convert a JPG to Ai file format?

    Yes, you can convert a JPG (raster) image to an AI (vector) file format by tracing the image to create a corresponding vector graphic. This process can be done using Adobe Illustrator, a powerful vector graphics editor that offers an image trace feature for converting raster images into vector graphics with varying levels of detail and complexity.

    In this blogpost, we will discuss all the methods you can use to convert your JPG file to AI file format.

    Convert JPEG to AI online

    AI files are the native vector file type for Adobe Illustrator. An AI file allows designers to infinitely scale their images, drawings, and graphics without affecting resolution. Not all AI files are vector files. It depends on how the file is built.

    Convert JPG to AI file

    You can convert a JPEG to AI file through an online converter like Convertio. This is free of charge, only you don't have a vector AI file.Do you want a vector AI file? Then you need to convert the JPG image to Ai in Adobe Illustrator.

    Convert JPG to AI in Illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator is the perfect tool for vectorizing images. We explain how to create a vector AI file in Illustrator:

    Choose an image to convert to AI vector:
    • Select an Image Trace preset. You can choose from different presets like High Fidelty or Low Fidelty, play with different settings to get the best result.
    • Vectorize the image with Image Trace.
    • Refine your tracked image by making changes with different settings such as Color Mode.

    Save your image as vector. Save your image as .AI in Adobe Illustrator. You now have an AI vector file. Not familiar with Adobe Illustrator? Then you can use our vector service. Watch the video below to learn how the service works. 

    Convert JPG to ai free

    There are several methods to convert a JPG to an AI file for free. Below are some options to achieve this:

    1. Adobe Illustrator Trial: If you don't have Adobe Illustrator, you can download a free trial version from the Adobe website (https://www.adobe.com/products/illustrator.html). The trial typically lasts for 7 days and provides full access to Illustrator's features, including image tracing.
    1. Online Conversion Services: There are several online conversion services that allow you to convert JPG files to vector formats like AI or SVG for free. These tools use automatic tracing algorithms to generate vector versions of your raster images. Some popular online conversion services include:

    Keep in mind that the quality of the resulting vector image may vary depending on the complexity of the original JPG and the capabilities of the conversion tool.

    Create Ai vector file online


    We are happy to help you on your way with the vectorization of your logo or image. You send us the logo in JPG, PNG or PDF and we convert the logo into an EPS vector file using Adobe Illustrator. We use the pen tool and recreate the logo manually with the correct fonts. Then we export the new vector logo in an EPS file so you can get started!

    How to make a vector file?

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