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    Convert raster to vector

    What is a Raster Image?

    Raster images are digital graphics composed of pixels, each carrying specific color information. Commonly found in formats like JPEG, PNG, and GIF, these images are characterized by their detailed color depth and ability to represent complex visuals. However, raster images have a significant limitation: they lose quality when scaled up, leading to pixelation and blurriness.

    raster image

    Key Characteristics of Raster Images

    • Pixel-Based: Made up of tiny dots called pixels.
    • Resolution-Dependent: Quality decreases when enlarged.
    • Format Variety: Includes JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

    What is a Vector File?

    In contrast, vector files are created using mathematical formulas rather than pixels. This approach allows for infinite scalability without any loss of quality. Vector files are essential in fields requiring precision and scalability, such as graphic design and engineering.

    raster vs vector

    Advantages of Vector Files

    • Scalability: Can be resized without losing quality.
    • Editable: Easily modified using vector graphic software.
    • File Formats: Common formats include SVG, AI, and EPS.

    Best Raster to Vector Converter

    When it comes to converting raster images to vector files, several tools stand out for their efficiency and quality of output. Adobe Illustrator is a prominent choice for professionals, offering robust features and precise control. However, for those seeking free alternatives, tools like Inkscape provide a viable solution.

    Top Raster to Vector Converters

    1. Adobe Illustrator: Professional-grade with precision.
    2. Inkscape: Free and open-source with extensive features.
    3. CorelDRAW: Another professional option with a user-friendly interface.
    Adobe Illustrator

    Convert Raster Image to Vector in Illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator is renowned for its powerful vectorization capabilities. Converting a raster image to a vector in Illustrator involves a few straightforward steps:

    1. Open Your Raster Image: Start by importing your raster file into Illustrator.
    2. Use Image Trace: Select the image and click on 'Image Trace' to convert it into a vector.
    3. Refine the Vector: Adjust the tracing options to fine-tune your vector image.
    4. Expand and Edit: Once satisfied, click 'Expand' to finalize the vectorization.

    Tips for Better Conversion in Illustrator

    • Experiment with different presets for various image types.
    • Adjust the 'Paths' and 'Corners' sliders for smoother curves.
    • Use the 'Preview' option to see changes in real-time.

    Free Convert Raster to Vector

    For those on a budget, several free tools can effectively convert raster images to vector graphics:

    • Inkscape: Offers a range of vectorization tools similar to Illustrator.
    • GIMP with Inkscape: GIMP can be used for initial editing, followed by vectorization in Inkscape.
    • Online Converters: Websites like Convertio offer quick and easy raster to vector conversions.

    Advantages of Free Converters

    • Cost-effective: No investment required.
    • Accessibility: Available to anyone with internet access.
    • User-Friendly: Often simpler interfaces for beginners.

    Please keep in mind, if you use an online tool for vectorizing your image or logo. You will not have a high quality vector file. If you want an 100% identical vector file. You need to convert it manually with Adobe Illustrator. If you're not computer savvy, we can vectorise your image for you

    Convert Raster to Vector Online

    Online converters provide a convenient and quick way to convert raster images to vector files. These tools are ideal for users who need a fast solution without installing software.

    How to Use Online Converters

    1. Upload Your Image: Drag and drop your raster file onto the converter.
    2. Choose Output Format: Select the desired vector format (like SVG).
    3. Convert and Download: Initiate the conversion and download the vector file.

    Recommended Online Converters

    • Convertio: User-friendly interface with support for multiple formats.
    • Online-Convert: Offers additional editing options during conversion.
    • Zamzar: Known for its fast conversion speed.

    Raster to Vector in Photoshop

    While Adobe Photoshop is primarily a raster-based program, it offers limited capabilities to convert raster images to vector format:

    1. Create a Path: Use the 'Pen' tool to trace over your image and create a path.
    2. Define a Shape: Convert this path into a custom shape.
    3. Export as Vector: Save the shape as an SVG file for vector use.

    Photoshop Vectorization Tips

    • Use a high-resolution raster image for better accuracy.
    • Zoom in for detailed path creation.
    • Practice patience; manual tracing can be time-consuming.

    Raster to Vector in Inkscape

    Inkscape, a free and open-source vector graphics editor, is excellent for converting raster to vector:

    1. Import Raster Image: Open your image in Inkscape.
    2. Trace Bitmap: Use the 'Trace Bitmap' feature under the 'Path' menu.
    3. Adjust Settings: Tweak the settings to get the best vector representation.
    4. Finalize and Export: Complete the conversion and export your vector file.

    vectorize image inkscape

    Inkscape Conversion Tips

    • Experiment with different tracing modes for the best result.
    • Adjust threshold settings for clearer lines.
    • Use 'Edit Paths by Nodes' for post-conversion adjustments.

    Convert raster to vector through our vector service


    We are happy to help you on your way with the vectorization of your logo or image. You send us the logo in JPG, PNG or PDF and we convert the logo into an EPS vector file using Adobe Illustrator. We use the pen tool and recreate the logo manually with the correct fonts. Then we export the new vector logo in an EPS file so you can get started!

    How to make a vector file?

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